ADD:77 Chenqiao Road,Zhoucun District, Zibo City, Shandong Province, China P.R.
ZIP CODE:255300
TEL:0533-6822397 6800059
FAX:0533-6182397 6801259


     Our company is a National Sentinel tungsten and molybdenum materials manufacturer, has full sets of equipment for powder metallurgy to thin tungsten, molybdenum wire as well as the advanced testing facilities. Our products are in high-level quality and including all types, which sells well to U.S & Euro and domestic market. We are the largest molybdenum products manufacturer in China, for many years we keep as No.1 in domestic market shares.

     We established the Zibo City Technology & Research Center, also our mother group, JDC, owns the State Level technology center, which supply the technology assistances to us, to strength our advantage in area of researching, development, and science innovation.

     For EDM molybdenum wire, we keeps supplying advanced material, such as High-strength molybdenum wire, Special Molybdenum wire, Length-setting molybdenum wire, High-precision molybdenum wire, etc. Especially we developed the new type of Special molybdenum, which used the doped-rare earth element molybdenum material, obtained the approval of Province Committee of science and technology, filled the domestic area blank. In recent years we researched the large-length special molybdenum wire(5000meter/spool), which improved the material utilization rate; the High-precision molybdenum wire, double-precision than commons, is special for Medium-speed wire cut machine,

     For Magnetron Molybdenum wire & spraying molybdenum wire, we supply the products in unit weight above 50kgs, which is the top level in China.

     Now we established long time business relationship with famous brand, Panasonic lighting Co., Toshiba Material Co.,, G.E lighting Co., keeps supplying the advanced, best quality products.


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